The Project

The People’s Guide to Energy is a guide to global sites of energy production and consumption that highlights voices, perspectives and challenges often left out of conventional energy maps, histories and narratives. The PGE project is inspired by the innovative People’s Guide to Los Angeles, in which Laura Pulido, Laura Barraclough and Wendy Cheng ask, “What would happen if we refocused our attention on those people and places that are systematically left off the map?” (p. 6) As a growing collaboration, the PGE project has been a production of students, faculty, and staff at Colgate University. The project has both public scholarship and pedagogical goals. Project collaborators hope to add to public conversations about energy sustainability and equity. At the same time, each student who researched and created a webpage on a specific PGE site practiced using theories commonly used by geographers and others to understand how sustainability and social justice challenges can arise across diverse energy landscapes.


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